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Home FAQs  


What is included in your package?

Terms such as “package” and “kit” are subjective and lend to added confusion with regard to price and product comparisons. At Hilltop Log & Timber Homes, we prefer to explain our options as “Building Systems”. Typically, our complete system and Initial Estimate, will include everything needed to build your project from the floor sill up.  Ask your Hilltop Representative for a “Sample Materials List and “Comparison Sheet” for more detail.

What is the “R-value” of a log home?

R-value or, the measure of heat transfer through materials, has set the standard for measuring energy-performance standards for residential construction. Solid logs actually resist heat transfer by absorbing and storing heat in their cellular structure. “Thermal Mass” defines a Log Home’s energy efficiency, as the measure of a material’s capacity to absorb, store, and slowly release heat over time when temperatures drop. Studies have concluded that a log wall’s thermal mass is as energy-efficient as a well-insulated stick-frame wall and is recognized accordingly by the National Energy Code. For more information, you may refer to the Log Homes Council of the National Association of Home Builders at www.loghomes.org

Is there an advantage between Cedar or Pine?

Both species are terrific and known for their warmth and beauty. Hilltop Log & Timber Homes specializes in Western Red Cedar and Kiln-dried Pine. Red Cedar is generally attractive and straight grained with uniform texture. It is preferred for its natural resistance to decay and insects (requiring less maintenance), stability and minimal shrinkage. We also use premium grade Pine and Cedar for interior finish, decks and rails. Premium Spruce is commonly used for second-floor decking.

Do you provide a Price List?

Yes.  We have a price lis that corresponds to the floor plans on this site.  While they are not printed on the site, prices are freely available by model name just by contacting us by phone or email.  (Click here to send an email)    Because Every Dream Is Unique, So Is Every Hilltop Home!”  There are numerous options for products, materials and building systems. Consequently,the price list is only a guideline for assisting you in working out your budget  Our In-house Client Advisors and network of National Sales Representatives will listen to your individual needs and work with you closely in order to provide a detailed Initial Estimate for your building project.  We are a stand that our package is complete, and that there are no add-ons.  What we agree is the price, is the price.

Can I get a loan to build a log or timber home?

Yes indeed, however it is advisable to get additional information from a qualified Bank, Financial Advisor or Loan Specialist. Your Hilltop Log & Timber Homes Representatives can assist with referrals, locally and within the industry, if needed. We highly recommend asking your lender to pre-qualify you according to your specific needs and circumstances (i.e. term, total budget, payment or documentation required). Note: If you require financing throughout the building process, please be sure your preferred lender is familiar with “System Built” construction products and understands the unique process.

Is it alright to see cracks in the wood?

There is no better answer to this question beyond quoting Dan McKenna, founder and President of Hilltop Log & Timber Homes: “Logs and timbers are not perfect. Knots and checks are all part of nature and are not flaws but individual characteristics of each log, which add to the rustic beauty of your home.” Hilltop’s high standard of quality is achieved by utilizing the very best part of the log, the heart. Heartwood is the portion of the tree contained within the sapwood creating a natural barrier to further cracking.